All proceeds benefit the Support Center for Child Advocates. Since 1977, Child Advocates has provided free legal and social services for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia. Specially-trained volunteer attorneys are teamed with experienced staff social workers and consulting lawyers to secure a permanent and nurturing environment for every child in their care. Last year, Child Advocates served 810 children. Your support changes the story for kids like 8-year-old Michael who was first brought to the attention of Child Advocates after he disclosed sexual abuse at the hands of a family friend. The Court and DHS placed him in foster care when his parents refused to believe him and allowed the perpetrator to come to the house. After the family received services and showed signs of supporting Michael, he was returned home . . . only to be back in the system months later after he was beaten by his father, who was further suspected to have used Michael as a drug runner. Michael’s mother suffered from mental illness and was unable to protect him and he was again placed in a foster home.

The Child Advocates volunteer attorney/staff social worker team was concerned for Michael’s safety and knew he needed a permanent home. They learned that Michael had close relatives living in North Carolina who were unaware of his abuse. As soon as they heard, Michael’s aunt and uncle rushed to Philadelphia to attend a court hearing. Child Advocates worked to secure an interstate compact allowing Michael to live with his aunt and uncle in North Carolina where he is thriving. Child Advocates is continuing to work toward an out-of-state adoption so Michael will have a permanent home with his extended family.

Your support changes the story of kids’ lives. Thank you!